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Would you like to exchange email news and photographs with your children and grandchildren, or even have a face to face camera conversation with them?

Does the idea of sending your medical prescription to the doctor's surgery without leaving the house interest you?

Are you bothered by the growth of the message 'You will find the detail on our website'?

Do you think  'I could never master a computer'?

Would you like to learn more about basic computer programmes?

Perhaps you feel frightened that you are being left behind and will never catch up with technology?

If any of these questions or statements apply to you then help is at hand.

Christopher is a self-taught computer user.   He has learnt by using the programmes, making the mistakes that countless other have made and discovering that the simplest way to learn is by mastering the basic concept of computers and learning not only from the guidance but from the mistakes as well.  Computers do not bite, seldom do they loose the work that you have given them to do so long as the simplest of rules are followed, but they can broaden and greatly simplify your communications as well as making some parts of life easier to manage.

For those who want to get started Christopher recommends a number of 60 or 90 minute sessions in your own home.   The number of sessions, from as few as 2, will depend entirely on you, and how you want to progress.  To gain the greatest value from these sessions, it is important to practice regularly.

Tution is available for the follow:

Use of the Internet,  Sending emails,  Printers.     

Microsoft programmes:  Outlook,  Word,  Excel,  Access,  PowerPoint,  Expression,  Project.

Microsoft and Apple operating systems

Looking for technical support?

If you need help with installing your computer, wifi, broadband, printer and other applications, or you have any sort of technical problems with your IT then call Dan Morgan at TecCheck, on 01202 803044 for local technical support, or visit the website





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